As a community member and Clarkston City Councilor, I really appreciate what the club gives kids…

that they might not get at home or school—a place that offers activities and opportunities to the kids who need those options the most.  The Club is a real benefit to our community.  There are families that would have a significantly more challenging time without the services provided by the Club.  And I love that it’s a safe and affordable place for my kids to be.

-Skate Pierce
Clarkston City Councilor

My name is Nathan Alford, editor and publisher of the Lewiston Tribune.
I am a Club kid.

And I’m just one of thousands who’ve benefited from our Club since it opened its doors 72 years ago. Hear this … Join me … in recognizing the positive impact that our Boys and Girls Clubs has on so many of our sons, daughters and entire families. Do I get a bit nostalgic? Absolutely. That’s because the Club – then down by Vollmer Bowl – taught this 1980s Club kid – a wirey, 75-pounds
with a decent hoop shot and quick lay-in – how to compete, and how to win and lose gracefully. It introduced me to kids, coaches and staff – like the Blume brothers – that I wouldn’t have met, and will never forget. My years at the Club – including an unforgettable camp trip with Butch Holden to the 7 Devils – helped define my character today. Shoot … I doubt this mustache would be possible without the Club. My Dad was a Club kid. And my kids are Club kids, too. It’s a family affair. It’s all about community.
Support our Clubs.
Be Great.

-Nathan Alford
Editor/Publisher, Lewiston Tribune