This is Brody.

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Brody is a 7-year-old Club member who has been attending the Club for almost two years. When he started Kindergarten last school year, he was very hesitant to make new friends. Brody grew up in Clarkston, being raised by his mom. Brody had always had a very close relationship with his mom and she needed to know that while she was at work, her young son had an affordable, positive place to be all day, and on top of that, someplace that he felt comfortable and safe. When he first started attending the Club at just 5 years old, he was hesitant to interact with staff and other members. 

The Club staff could tell that Brody was shy, but his sweet, shy little personality made the staff interact with him even more to get him to come out of his shell. At first, he would barely speak, and never answered any question with more than two words or a nod of the head. But soon enough, Brody started to gain confidence and build strong relationships with staff. The next thing we knew, Brody was best friends with everyone at the Club and every staff was his “favorite staff”. Through those relationships, Brody has had the confidence to make so many friends his age at the Club, and he is always one of the first to get involved in whatever is going on at the Club each day. 

He and his mom are still best friends, but the Club definitely gave him a home away from home. Today, if you ask Brody what his favorite thing about the Club is, he will likely say something overly sweet, like “EVERYTHING” is his favorite, and he will never forget to mention how much he cares for the staff because they all care about the kids so much. Everyone knows Brody and he has become the ultimate Club member. He participates in every program that he can, plays in every tournament ran at the Club, and best of all, he will win EVERY game he plays in the gym, and will humbly say “good game” to everyone else who played. Brody, who just two years ago was an extremely shy, reserved kid, now goes out of his way to show sportsmanship, respect, and kindness to everyone he interacts with.

"The staff recognized his shyness and soon helped him gain confidence and build relationships.  Today he thrives at the Club and is the ultimate member!"

Matt and Michelle Cameron
Owners, Dutch Bros Coffee - Lewiston

This is Sonyvan.

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Sonyvan is an 11-year-old Club member who has been attending the club since he was in kindergarten, he is the ultimate definition of resilience. In the words of his mother, “Sonyvan has seen more things in his life than he ever should’ve”. Sonyvan has been surrounded by addiction within his family for his entire life and has also experienced homelessness. Despite all of these struggles, he has remained resilient and has always had a positive outlook on life. 

If you didn’t know his story, you would never guess that he has endured the struggles he has. Initially his grandmother, who was a very stable and extremely important part of his life throughout this difficult time, and mother enrolled him in the Club because the cost was low, but they have continued to re-enroll him because of the amazing experience he has gotten. 

The Club and Club staff have provided Sonyvan with the support and consistency that he has so desperately needed. We are proud to say that Sonyvan’s mother is now sober and his home life is much more stable than ever before and we are grateful he has always had the Club up until this point. Sonyvan walks into the Club always with a smile on his face and is responsible and respectful to all Club members and Staff. He participates in several of our Club programs including our After School Program, Summer Challengers and several of our Athletic programs. 

Through the Club he has learned how to make positive choices and say no to peer pressure. Sonyvan’s story proves the Club can have an impact on all kids, even the ones whose struggles aren’t that obvious. We look forward to seeing all the Sonyvan accomplishes in years to come at the Club.

"Every day he walks in with a smile and has learned to make positive choices and resist peer pressure."

Patti Meshishnek
Executive Vice President

This is Clintell.

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Clintell is a 9-year-old Club member who has been attending since kindergarten. He’s been raised by his mom in Clarkston, WA. His mom worked very hard to build a great life for them, and she chose the Club for Clintell so that he would have a safe place to go while she was working. Clintell’s mom and the staff worked hard to communicate often about Clintell’s behavior and work together to help Clintell reach his full potential. Soon, he was able to build trusting relationships with staff, he started performing well in school, and he quickly became a model Club member. He learned how to regulate his emotions and how to properly solve problems. He also started making more friends and receiving POSITIVE attention from others. 

Since being a Club member, he has been involved in almost every program offered at the Clarkston Club, and he also recently joined our athletic programs. He participates regularly in Triple Play, and he loves being active and making healthy choices for his mind, body and soul. Besides helping whenever and however he can, you can always find him in his favorite area, the gym. 

Now that Clintell has learned how to problem solve and manage his emotions, he is a model Club member and friend to others. He is kind, helpful, energetic and smart. The change that we’ve seen in Clintell’s behavior has been astounding, and recognized by all. He has worked very hard on being better for himself, and for all that hard work and accomplishment he was chosen as the 2020 Clarkston Boy of the Year. 

The Club has been a shining light for Clintell and his mom, and we love seeing what the impact of the Club can do for kids who attend regularly, build relationships with our staff, and get involved in everything we have to offer.

"Soon he had become a model club member and was doing great in school. Clintell was even named boy of the year in 2020."

Dale Bonfield
Asotin - Anatone School District

This is Kaylea & Wanda.

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Kylea and Wanda are sisters, ages 7 and 10, who have been attending the Lewiston Boys & Girls Club for nearly three years now. During their time at the Club, it has served as a stable and consistent part of their everyday lives. These young girls are extremely resilient and have succeeded despite the struggles they endured early on in their lives. When they first started attending the Club their mother was in a court program and recovery and their father was absent from their lives. Like any other kid, these girls have struggled with behavioral issues at times, but thanks to the efforts of our Club staff they have gotten through whatever issues they may be facing at the time. Both girls participate in various Club programs and have formed positive and lasting relationships with other Club members and Club staff. During their time at the Club, these girls have grown immensely, and we look forward to seeing how much they continue to grow in years to come.

"Today they are active participants in various Club programs and have formed positive and lasting relationships with other members and staff. "

Dave & Caroline Troy
Troy Insurance Owner
and Idaho State Representative

This is Olivia.

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Olivia has been a Club member for four years. She first enrolled to have a safe place to go after school, since she was going through a tough time in school and at home. Her parents chose the Club for her so that she would have extra support. Little did she know, the Club was going to become a huge part of Olivia’s life. She has met people who inspire her, she has gotten more involved with her community, she has participated in many Boys & Girls Club Programs, and for the second year in a row, she is representing the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Lewis Clark Valley as the Organizational Youth of the Year. Olivia’s Club experience has truly helped shape her into the confident young lady that she is today!

When she first joined the Clarkston Boys & Girls Club, she was having a tough time at school. She was constantly getting bullied because of her looks, who her friends were, and most of all, because of her socioeconomic status. Middle school can be a hard for anyone, but it was extremely difficult for Olivia because she was also battling depression and anxiety. Her first day at the Club was a turning point in her mental health journey.

As soon as she joined the teen program, Olivia felt instantly accepted for who she was. The staff were so kind that it gave her the confidence to make friends and join other programs that the Club offered. Olivia quickly got involved in Torch Club, Junior Staff, Keystone Club, Smart Girls, and Diplomas to Degrees. These programs have helped her learn so much about growing up, making healthy life choices, doing well in school and being prepared for college and her future, and the importance of being a leader in the community.

Being a part of the Club has opened her up to so much more than she ever thought possible. Having healthy relationships with her peers and mentors has helped her gain better communication skills and coping skills for her depression and anxiety. She has also learned that she’s passionate about helping others, not only with tasks, but also being there for them, like the Club has been for her. The best skill that she has gained at the Club is how to be a leader, a skill she learned through participating in Torch Club and Keystone Club.

It is crazy to think that not long ago, every day for Olivia was a battle with mental health. The Club turned out to be a lot more than just a place for her to go hang out. It has become such a huge part of her life, a second home, and an experience that she is very passionate about helping other kids have, too. Without the Club, and her mentors that care for her there, she doesn’t know where she would be today.

"The staff gave her confidence to make friends, join clubs, make healthy choices, do better in school, prepare for college and become a helper of others."

Cynthia Pemberton
LCSC President

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